Who They Are?

The team at Altius Partners Lawyers are a specialist Law firm based in Melbourne that have thrived as a business through the professional assistance they offer individuals with all matters of legal representation. Family, criminal, commercial and dispute resolution to name a few. Our job was to completely revamp their website and communicate the powerhouse that they are.


Communicate the vast range of services offered through their website in a clear and concise way.
Freshen up the look and feel and to increase user experience.
Improve and highlight recent news.


Through the past frustrations Altius Partners Lawyers had experienced with design and development and SEO. It was essentially a process of discovery and through drilling down into exactly what the firm was trying to achieve and promote both organically and through their website. The strategy we had in mind was in sync with their vision, it was a perfect connection. We then worked with the team to develop a new design layout, photos and placement to encapsulate the value Altius Partners Lawyers can bring to the table.


The results speak for themselves, the client is wrapped with their new website and how it clearly explains who they are and what they do effectively. Their organic rankings are ever increasing resulting in more opportunity for them to do what they do best. Their website looks fantastic and has now been reshaped into an asset.