Who They Are?

Cleaning Corp are a professional cleaning company that offer a vast array of cleaning services Australia wide, from domestic, office, industrial and carpet. Whilst they are a busy company through referrals and repeat business they knew they could take on more work. Their website was stagnant and not clearly providing the user with all that they had to offer, being unresponsive certainly didn’t help their situation either.


Portray the quality and value Cleaning Corp have to offer.
Communicate the extensive services they provide and to increase user navigation.
Generate more leads through their website.


After sitting down with the Cleaning Corp team and discussing the issues they were facing, we delved a little further into the data metrics of their website and noticed a few more issues. We developed a game plan for the project. Their website did not reflect them or who they are as a premier cleaning company. Over the course of 5 weeks from strategy to implementation and development we had totally transformed a once stagnant looking website into an awesome website that clearly defined who they are and all the services they have to offer in an easy to view layout.


Once the website went live they experienced the results almost instantaneously. Their current clients gave favourable feedback and they started to generate more leads. Their analytic data has started to react positively and is showing great signs of a conversion increase. User engagement through their once unresponsive mobile site has improved their conversions tremendously.