Who They Are?

Injectables Bar are a boutique skin clinic in Melbourne that offer a different experience to so many in their field. Their services include skin treatments and cosmetic surgery in a cool, elegant environment. Generally speaking they operate through referrals and repeat business. A brand new website had been on their mind for a while, somewhere people could suss out before dropping in or making an appointment. This website needed to make an impact straight away.


Portray the 3 major service categories they offer in a non-evasive way.
Communicate the extensive services they provide and ensure a clean website.
Generate more leads through their website.


Once we understood what the Injectables Bar team had in mind we knew our strategy, creativity and expertise could far exceed their expectations. Over the next 6 weeks the Injectables Bar website was created.


A high end website for a high end skin clinic. Just above the fold the 3 separate categories stand out for quick access for the user. The polished website is not only stylish but it encompasses everything the client was dreaming of and a little bit extra.