Who They Are?

Stripped Entertainment provide adult entertainment Australia wide. They provide a plethora of services for male and female entertainment, from topless waiters, promo models, and poker dealers to the catering for hens or buck night events. Our job was to create a website from the ground up and get these premier entertainment providers found through utilising SEO.


Communicate who they are, what they do and the why factor quickly.
Give the user a new way of browsing through the services in an easy fashion.
Ultimately generate leads through the website.


Putting the pieces together. It was from day one on this project the Stripped Entertainment team knew what they were hoping for, but couldn’t express it in terms of what they wanted. From our discussions we discovered the main problem was that the brand was not reaching all the people it could to fulfil its potential. Over a few coffees and further discussions the website scope was coming together nicely, a few adjustments here and there to increase the desired user interaction and the result is a well-crafted and designed website.


Awesome website both in design and user experience. Promoting the value of the company and the services offered in an elegant way was critical to the success of this project. The organic traffic is growing as the SEO solution is gaining good traction.