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We’re a digital marketing company that prides ourself on being strategic brand partners offering industry exclusivity on many of our services

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We help define your goals, then come up with the plan to meet and beat them.

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Big to small, all things are considered to make your project memorable.

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Elegantly engineered, built for growth and easy to manage.

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We’ll help you sell more, improve user experience and visibility.

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You can control just about everything on the sites we build.

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Our SEO tech team of 2 are at the forefront of everything search engine optimisation. SEO is a constantly changing medium and requires constant attention to the latest in algorithmic and manual changes. The tech team will look at your backlinks, the structure of your site, what state the content is in and a number of nitty gritty back end tech stuff that most will never understand. SEO is an art and we have the nerdy artists to match. One campaign will never be the same as another, they are all unique and all require a different approach. "

− SEO Tech Team


Our in house web design team are the ones who sit quietly, calmly and allow the creative juices to flow. Their eye for detail and ability to come up with never before thought of ideas have them separated from the pack. Our development team see website code like the matrix. They can make any design come to life. Put these 2 together and you have yourself a recipe for nothing but tasty success."

− Web Design and Development Team


At Fat SEO we pride ourselves on being able to build a healthy and flourishing relationship with our clientele. To us great communication and relationships are the essence to a successful end result. Our relationship managers are called so because of their ability to listen and understand your concerns. We have no more than 200 clients at one time and what that means for you is personalised service at a boutique level. "

− Business Relationship Team


Just like SEO ad words requires high levels of attention at all times. The key to a successful paid campaign is the ability to understand business trends, spends, budgets and niche relevant understandings. If you have someone who understands all these things then you have yourself a successful paid campaign. Our PPC team do exactly this. Never take the “set and forget” advice for real with PPC as it is not true. Our experts frown upon this with heavy disregard as their strategies for any niche always come out on top. "

− Paid Search Team



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